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Irving Animal Care Campus Volunteer

You must be 18 years old or older to register.

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Please select the volunteer programs that interest you
Work With The Animals
TLC - Tender loving care - walking dogs, socializing cats
Mobile Adoptions - Volunteers adopt animals off-site. Requires special commitment and follow-up
Adoption Counselling - Assist the public with the adoption process*
Volunteer Adoption Desk - Assist at the front desk with information and phone*
Rescue - Save lives - Offer temporary housing due to overcrowding at the shelter
Assist with Grooming, Bathing, and Dipping - Bring your rubber ducky
Kennel Care - Clean cages and general help with the animals*
Humane Education Program - Assist with school programs

Work For The Animals
Fund Raising Events - Golf tournament, silent auction, carnival, pet pictures
Exhibits - Help run shelter information booth at festivals, cat & dog shows, and other special events
Media & Public Relations - Assist in getting the message out
Membership Drive
Filing and Clerical - Assist with mailings, posting, and typing
Letter Writing - Assist with writing letters to solicit corporate sponsorship
Creative Contributions - Donating craft and woodworking items, painted murals, etc.
Professional Talent - Studio crews, graphics, computers

Weekend only - Select if this is your only available free time.

Number of adults volunteering

Children under 18 years old
1. Adult volunteers may be accompanied by minors for whom they are the Legal Guardians.
2. Minors must be accompanied by a Legal Guardian, at all times at the IACC. Other adult relatives or adult friends are NOT considered Legal Guardians.
3. The Legal Guardian must maintain control of the animal at all times. The minor may interact with the animal.
4. Legal Guardians must attend Volunteer Orientation, and may be accompanied by minors.
List the names of minors who will attend Volunteer Orientation with the Legal Guardian
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Child name age
Child name age
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Volunteer Orientation is required within 60 days. After you pay the Registration fee, you will be scheduled by the Volunteer Coordinator.

I certify that I am 18 years or or older.
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Please pay the registration fee ($25 per adult) by Dec 24, 2017. The fee provides membership in the Humane Society and a t-shirt.
Checks may be mailed to the Shelter (attn: Sarah Kammerer) or paid in cash at the Shelter. You may also phone your credit card information to Sarah Kammerer. You may pay on-line using after you register; you will automatically be directed.
An additional $10 training fee will be collected on the day of training. Our orientation curiculum includes training by a professional dog trainer, who will guide you on handling our pets. Unfortunately, we cannot combine that $10 fee with the registration fee.

FAILURE TO PAY ON OR BEFORE Dec 24, 2017 MAY CAUSE YOUR REGISTRATION TO BE VOIDED. Please note that all money paid is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend your planned Orientation date, you must reschedule prior to class date; otherwise, you may be required to pay an additional training fee.

How did you learn about us?

All programs offer on the job training
Attendance at Volunteer Orientation class is mandatory prior to attending any volunteer event.
Programs with an asterisk (*) require classroom training provided by DFW Humane Society

NOTE: if you are volunteering to satisfy the requirements for court-ordered community
service, please contact the Shelter directly at 972-721-7788 to schedule your service.